Saturday, November 5, 2011

No wasted space

The mantra of no wasted space, means just that.  Moreover, it means no wasted air.  If there's air there, the space is wasted.

I'm just sayin'.

Air's great for breathing, especially when it's fresh.

But inside my bottle or jar, it's a bad thing.  It means space is wasted, and when you're a containerholic like me, you also don't waste space (which also makes me a spaceaholic, but I only have time for one blog so bear with me).

For instance, consider the milk carton.
It's a wonder of space-saving technology . . . until you open it and drink that first glass.  At that point everything changes.

  • The carton is open (this compromises the freshness of the milk).
  • Some milk is gone, and it has been replaced by air (this compromises the freshness of the milk).
  • The more milk you pour out of the carton, the more air enters, and the less likely the milk is to stay fresh.
You see how this is an ever-increasing problem, unless you are inclined to drink all of this milk at one sitting (which however tempting that thought may be, is not a sensible solution in the long term)?

THEN consider the dilemma if you are one of those, who for reasons of economy, purchase the gallon size jug!  (I admit, I am one of these.  Not the all-the-milk-at-one-sitting one, but the gallon-for-the-reason-of-economy one).

But think of the challenges!  How DO you deal with all of this milk, and all of this potential AIR in the container, all of the potential germs, and all of the potential wasted space?

Aha.  Now we get to the meat of it.  (The vegan of it?)  How about the heart of the matter?

Herein lies the genesis.  It does us no good to lament.  We only benefit from identifying the problem and finding a solution.  Problem?  Air.  Solution?  No air.  How?  Container with less air.

Now I know just how Archimedes felt when that tub overflowed its water and gave him his answer to the weighty gold/silver question.

If you want less air, you need less container.

This, my friend, was the beginning of my addiction.

I could tell you exactly what I did to solve this problem, but there is soooo much more to share with you first.

so much . . .

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Mirabella said...

When will you divulge what you did about the milk container? My guess is that some sort of decanting is involved, but into what, exactly?

Pamela said...

Dearest Mirabella,
We see that you truly ARE concerned about the milk container. Whatever will you do when we begin discussing shampoo? But never fear. Your answer is here. Or there. Well, it's under "Too much air for comfort." You'll have to click a link, erm, or something.
Love, Addicted

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