Saturday, November 5, 2011

I can't hide it any more

Confession at Containerholics Anonymous:
For years I've been ashamed.  

I've tried to hide it.
I didn't want my family to know.

Some of them suspected; some of them whispered behind my back.

Some of them tried to "help" me by hiding, or throwing away those things to which I was irrevocably drawn -- irrevocably addicted.

Others even mentioned that word no addict wishes to hear . . . (shhhh) . . . "hoarder"!

Sometimes in order to be well, in order to heal, we must let our true identity out.

We must proclaim to ourselves, our families and friends, and the world at large who we truly are.

It is time that I do so.

It is time that I admit and say it out loud . . .

My name is Pamela.
And I am a containerholic.

I am addicted to containers.  
Containers and spaces.  
Containers and spaces, and finding more containers and more spaces
and squeezing more into more containers
and squeezing more containers into more spaces."

This is who I am.

Is there anything really wrong with that?

If you are a containerholic like me -- if you are addicted to containers and spaces, you are safe here.  No one will tell on you.  It is our little secret.
That is, ours, and those like us.
It may be just you and me
but I suspect
our name is legion . . . !

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Jennifer @ Bleu Pom said...

Mom, I am so glad you were finally able to admit your addiction. Love your first post!

Mirabella said...

I'm wondering, what do you do when the two-gallon milk carton is half(or almost completely)empty? Maybe you'll cover that dilemma in a future post.

Pamela said...

Dearest Mirabella,
We're so glad you were not afraid to ask this perplexing question. Yes, Addicted *has* answered this question in a future post, which we're sure you will discover when you visit us again. In the meantime Addicted is very curious about where to get a two-gallon milk carton. Would that be in some industrial-supply dairy? Please let us know soonest.
Love, Addicted

ashbreanna9 said...

I am addicted to containers! I googled it to see if I'm the only one, and found you! I cannot go to the Dollar Tree without buying at least 5 containers. And right now, I am at work, and I cannot wait to get off work so I can go buy NEW tupperware.

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